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EgoPay Money Adder

EgoPay is a brand new eWallet launched by Payza!
EgoPay was created by Payza as a offshore eWallet service to have a bigger presence on internet businesses were Payza itself was not allowed due to some law/international policies etc.

So What is EgoPay Money Hack and what can it do ?

EgoPay Money hack is a simple,yet powerfull tool that can be used to inject funds in your personal accoun,but BEWARE,you SHOULD NOT ABUSE IT!
Spend the money as quickly as possible or exchange them for Payza funds via exchangers on !
If you exchange the money from EgoPay for Payza Money you will be able to withdraw them to you Bank account,otherwise just spend them as fast as you can to prevent your account from getting deleted!

-download the Hack from our download link below.
-type your EgoPay email address.
-select how much money you want from 50$,100$,150$ and 200$.
-press the "HACK" button and wait untill the progress bar fills and the confirmation message appears.
-log into EgoPay using the email address or if already logged,refresh the Page.

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